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thelastdon / Mar 16, 2014
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As you may have seen from our FB page, we are now also playing EVE Online. After seeing a massive $500k impact to the economy after a huge battle, we simply could not resist. A battle's cost can be translated in real dollars since your equipment and loot is forever destroyed, making EVE a troller's paradise.

SWTOR will continue to be our primary game.

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thelastdon / Dec 09, 2013
Send us your best “My SWTOR Saga” screenshot moments!
December 20th, the second anniversary for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, is approaching soon. We are humbled and honored by the amazing support from our players throughout the past two years and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share with the community your love for the game by sending us screenshots of what makes Star Wars: The Old Republic unique for you.

These screenshots can be from your fondest memories to your best moments in the game and include your favorite places and characters.
Loeen / Nov 15, 2013
In order to ensure that we have groups of Raiders that are progressing through content, Our system in which we raid is going to undergo some changes. Through this, we will have a better potential to clear content, and ensure that groups are not training a new individual each week.

1. Starting in December, a raid group will be formed. This will consist of 10 people. The extra two will be considered "off" individuals. This means that if the group needs to be filled, they will be the first that people turn to.

2. The aforementioned raid group will be a seasonal raid group. This means that individuals who are part of this group will be locked in until the next season. At this time, Captains will convene and discuss individuals and progression. From there, new applications can be made by talking with Captains.

3. Because we know that there are many people that are interested in Raiding, we hope to create a second operations group which will take place at the same time as Ops group 1. These groups are not made up of "the best" and "second rates" accordingly, but rather filling ability.

4. If you find yourself not in an operations group, I suggest going on a recruitment drive. Find good players and invite them to join and complete content.

We know that this will lead to a change in which we do raiding. But we want to ensure that progression takes place, and people come to operations each week excited to play.

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. Due to lack of applicants, application for Ops001 will be reopened on 30 Nov 2013 for Winter Season.
Loeen / Jul 10, 2013
Standards of Raiding

Hello folks. This is EXTREMELY important for you to read.
Because of the amount of new individuals that are joining our scheduled ops, it is necessary for our various standards for raiding be expressed. You will not be able to participate in a scheduled raid until you have read this posting.

So without further adieu,

1. Don't talk!
There are a few circumstances where this may change. If someone in charge asks you a question, respond. We need communication, but not inane jabbering. If you want to have small talk during down times, switch channels.

2. Listen to the Raid leader!
If the raid leader asks you to do something during a fight, do not argue with him/her, do not question him/her, DO IT! Whether you agree with him/her or not, there is always a reason behind why they tell you to do something. If you have questions/suggestions/concerns get them out before a fight or after a fight. During a fight you do what the raid leader tells you to do.

3. Be on time!
There have been too many ops that have been late or cancelled because people are not punctual. ON TIME means in the instance, on vent, and ready with all necessary items for the raid at start time. ON TIME DOES NOT MEAN LOGGING ON AT THE TIME OF THE RAID. Groups are started 15 minutes prior to raid time. If you are online but pvping or in a fp or ops you will be replaced, WE WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU.

4. Sign up!
The sign-ups are listed underneath our calender. Be sure to sign up and be prepared to do ops. Remember, we are changing our rules in the upcoming weeks that if an op is not full, it is CANCELLED.

5. If you are not a tank, DON'T PULL!
Let the tanks do their job, you should always be behind them before an engagement. Don't derp!

6. Know the fights.
It is understandable that you may not be familiar with every pull, but you should have a general idea about what to do. Don't stand in bad circles, cleanse debuffs, PAY ATTENTION! and so on. If you have a question, type it. If you run with us a few time and still do not know the fights, you may find you're not running ops anymore.

7. Be correctly geared.
We aren't talking about the various builds you can do with your character; we are talking about your level of gear and having the correct stats for your role. Also, having the appropriate stims and adrenals needed to succeed. Do your best to reach the minimum requirement on your own, or ask to do hard-mode flashpoints. If you have questions about gear you can refer to SWTOR Forums,, or ask a raid leader.

Keep in mind that we are very picky about the individuals we go with. We want to have fun, and we want to succeed. If you follow these standards you will find that you will enjoy the operations, and will progress higher and higher!

Chee, Krust, and Kaj will be keeping track of all of the items listed above. Those that follow the rules will be the first to progress within the guild. If you do not follow the rules, you will no longer be asked to raid. NIM Ops are a big step up compared to previous raid content. We need people serious about moving forward, and wanting to step up their game in order to be able to attempt those raids.

Any questions? Leave an intelligent comment!

Once you have read these, please send a message to Brucass/Sel'irr/Caibe in game or here online letting me know you have read them.
Sel'irr / Jun 03, 2013
Hard Mode Raids are currently in progression, therefore if you sign up for the raid, you may not actually be chosen to attend. However, I encourage you to sign up, as the group we are using can't always attend and we do need replacements.

As we begin clearing the hard mode raids, we will start rotating 1 or 2 people in each week to learn the fights and begin building a second hm raid group. Please bear with me as we work through this process.

If you are not chosen to attend the hard mode raids, please continue to run your character through story modes to build up gear and work on your rotations for whatever your role may be. Also familiarizing yourself with the fights through you tube videos will be extremely helpful.