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Please note of our new vent server info inside guild MOTD.

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HM / NiM Players

We currently need more capable players for HM Raid Groups. If you are interested, willing, and able to run for HM ops. Please message Loeen, Cheena, Krust, thelastdon, or Caibe.

Latest S&V HM clear video:

Latest Ewok 1v1 video:

History of the Alpha Guilds:

Blamo - (random troll, guild hopper)
Dromua - (ninja, Colicoid FP, trash mouth)
Grmjaw - (little kid, can't play)
Morgaene - power tripping little girl in <Ghostbusters> new
Nomi - (sore loser that can't accept losing)
Pindlebot - (did not know a 50 boss has enrage timer; cleared after he left)
Karsan - of <Champians of the Republic> guild; because he spelled champions wrong and tanks badly, can't clear FPs; blames healers when they die of boss aggro
Str-um - of <Leia's Galactic Cartel> guild; random kick off TFB ops
Wiz - booted
Megatrop-ultimate noob
thelastdon / Mar 16, 2014
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As you may have seen from our FB page, we are now also playing EVE Online. After seeing a massive $500k impact to the economy after a huge battle, we simply could not resist. A battle's cost can be translated in real dollars since your equipment and loot is forever destroyed, making EVE a troller's paradise.

SWTOR will continue to be our primary game.

Click on this to get 21 days free: Alpha Republic Referral.